Teacher Recognition Awards

Looking for a gift to honor the teachers, guidance counselors, staff members or volunteers who have helped your child achieve academic excellence at Masconomet?


You can recognize these special people throughout the year by making a tax deductible donation in their honor to the Masconomet Education Foundation’s Recognition Award Program. Honorees will receive a personalized certificate notifying them of your gift/donation in their honor (amount will not be disclosed). Honorees will be listed on the MEF website.

Recognition Award Program  – Information about the program.

You may participate in this program in two ways –

One – Recognition Award Form –  Download, print and mail


Two –  donate through PayPal on behalf of a favorite teacher.

*  Enter the name of the teacher your would like to honor and a brief message (if desired) into the box below.  Also, be sure to type in your student’s or family’s name as you wish it to appear in the box as well. When finished, click on the “Add to Cart” button. This will take you to Paypal for the financial part of your transaction. You may then select quantity to increase your donation amount.
*  To add additional teachers, click “continue shopping” in PayPal and repeat the process.

Enter teacher name,
a message and your name

These outstanding teachers and staff have been honored for the 2015/2016 school year:

Alison Lecesse (multiple)
Allison Van Laetham (multiple)
Alyssa Hardy (multiple)
Andrea Alexis
Andrea Barlow (multiple)
Andrew Boepple(multiple)
Anthony Michalek
April Cochran
Arianne Dellovo (multiple)
Beatriz Sampietro-DePlacido (multiple)
Bernhard Muller
Brendan Kennedy (multiple)
Brian Dow
Brian Mentz
Brian O’Cock (multiple)
Cara Malio (multiple)
Carol Lund (multiple)
Cheryl Kenney (multiple)
Christopher Love (multiple)
Christopher Malio (multiple)
Christopher Fay
Dana Picillo
Daniel Bisceglia
Dannielle Ingraham
Deb Lambert
Deb Silva (multiple)
Deborah Markos
Debra Xenos (multiple)
Deidra Boucher (multiple)
Denise Tenanty (multiple)
Diane Green
Dorothy Rose (multiple)
Earl Svendson (multiple)
Elizabeth Saiita (multiple)
Ellen Sheehy
Erin O’Brien
Geri VanLenten
James Dillon (multiple)
James Donahue
James Maciak (multiple)
Janet Grove (multiple)
Jared Scarpaci
Jason Tierney
Jennifer Richard (multiple)
Jenny Beekley
Jessica Goldberg (multiple)
Jim Pugh
Joan Murphy
Joe Yutkins
Johnathan Felt
Joseph Leblanc (mulitple)
Julianna Aguilar (multiple)
Karen Trevenen
Kathleen Natale (multiple)
Keith Hartan (multiple)
Kent Rude
Kim Marini
Kristen Eaton (multiple)
Kristianna Case (multiple)
Kristin Duffy (multiple)
Laura Deorocki (multiple)
Leah Gunner
Leslie Bedell (multiple)
Lois Afrow (multiple)
Marcia Kilgallen
Margaret Bridgeo(multiple)
Mario Rosario (multiple)
Mary Anne Miller-Charette (multiple)
Matt Hildebrand (multiple)
Maureen Bakis
Melissa Stanely
Michael Kachinski (multiple)
Michael Morris (multiple)
Michael Siden
Mr. Cobb
Mr. Kelson
Ms. Butler (multiple)
Ms. Delmonico
Ms. Johnson
Ms. LeBlanc
Ms. Lemire
Ms. Noyes
Nick Mazzaglia
Nick Tzortzis (multiple)
Norm Clark
Patrick Mahoney (multiple)
Paul Harrington
Peter Magner
Peter Wilson (multiple)
Randy O’Keefe (multiple)
Rebecca Calzini (multiple)
Reilly Finnegan (multiple)
Robert Beardsell (multiple)
Robert Serino (multiple)
Robin Tomasino (multiple)
Robyn Silverman
Ronna Thur
Russell Felt (multiple)
Ryan King
Ryan Quadros
Sarah Smith
Sylvie Hardy
Tammy Fay (multiple)
Thomas Trevenen (multiple)
Ursina Amsler (multiple)
William Gray (multiple)
Yvonne Yeung
Yvonne Malinawski If you would like to be notified of the MEF’s fundraising events or would like to join the Fund Raising Committee, please Contact Us .