Dancing with Our Stars – The Winners!


MEF held its third annual Dancing with our Stars fundraiser on January 28, 2017 at the Doubletree Hilton in Danvers, netting $50,000! The event featured thirty-two adults in eight different group acts and over ninety Masco students!

All funds raised will go toward providing equipment and materials for new projects in the classrooms, as well as in the newly constructed STEAM Lab which MEF funded and Masconomet opened this past September.

MEF would like to thank all the wonderful people who participated in the fundraiser, who voted for the dancers before the event, who provided products and services, and who attended the night of the show. A special thank you to our choreographers – without whom this event would not have been possible – Betsy Buccafusca, Greg Coles, Mikayla Reid, Carly Richards and Jody Shea!  


Thank you to our amazing adult dancers: Susan Budrewicz, Becky Brockelman, Scott Brockelman, Darnell Canada, Elisa Colella, Tony Colella, Jeanine Cunniff, Chris DeLay, Leslie DiNanno, Tim Feeney, Deb Folsom, Chris Gardner, Michele Gaudin, Susan Giallombardo, Nancy Hart, Patti Heintzelman, Paul Jamieson, Deborah King, Trish Landgren, Christina Leonowert, Carla Lucas, Sheila McDaid, Kevin McSweeney, Bonnie Muise, Michele Nowak, Coleen O’Brien, Kelly Pickering, Al Rosenbaum, Darcia Tremblay, Tina Varinos, Frankie Varinos, and Al Vaz

Thank you to our ninety Masco student dancers, who showed us, once again, how much talent resides at Masco!


A big thank you to our judges, Maura Craig, Scott Morrison, Erica Cadigan and Doug (VB) Goudie; our MC Jack Milmoe, and Doubletree Hilton for an elegant and delicious evening! And a very special thank you to our event co-chair, Cassandra McMahon.

And . . . Congratulations to our 2017 winners!


. Community Choice Award – the adult receiving the most votes/donations prior to the
show: Al Vaz

. Community Choice Award – the adult dance team receiving the highest donations per team
member prior to the show: Deb Folsom’s Time of My Life


. Community Choice Award – the student dance team receiving the most votes/donations
prior to the show: Sonic Boom – captained by Mia Farris Kindegran and Jacob Low
Paige Amyoungy, Madeline Canelli, Patrick Corcoran, Jake Daitch, Lucas Gharabegian, Ryan
Hawkins, Ben Heintzelman, David Hunter, Olivia Inman, Nate Kelly, Peter Kitsakos, Ben
Lockhart, Cici Martignetti, Cami Miller, Lexi Mortellite, Cody Orgettas, Corrine Orgettas, Ella
Palmer, Rachel Piriano, Liza Pugh, Sarah Richards, Jack Seymour


. Judges Award (Adult Dance Team) – chosen by our Judges as their favorite:
Al Rosenbaum and Kevin McSweeney (Don’t Stop Me Now/Can’t Touch This)


. Judges Award (Student Dance Team) – chosen by our Judges as their favorite:
A first place tie between:
Treble Rebels – captained by Mary Erb and Matt Gronberg
Marissa Berry, Stephen Collins, Eli Cronin, Derek Davidson, Marissa DeLucia, Caitlyn Fitzgerald, Julie Gallagher, Matt Harris, Caroline Hathaway, Phil Joyce, Nora Kelly, Olivia Latam, Kiley Lombardi, Erin Madden, Kaitlin Majeski, Jack Rubin, Caelen Schneider, Coby Schneider, Peter Walker, Michael Walsh.
First Responders – captained by Shauna Emmons and Tommy Muise
Matt Brockelman, Ryder Burliss, Sophia Ciccarelli, Dominic Deletetskey, Jon Dindo, Ben Dindo, Donatella DiPietrantonio, Kiana Flak, Taylor Goudreau, Vanessa Hurley, David Lanfranchi, Gabby McSweeney, Megan Pitts, Juliet Pucci, Maddie Rudolph, Joe Shannon, Jack Supino


. Audience Choice Award (Adult Dance Team ) – chosen by the audience as their favorite:
Rhythm Nation – Scott Brockelman, Becky Brockelman, Elisa Colella, Michele Gaudin,
Susan Giallombardo, Trish Landgren, Carla Lucas, Coleen O’Brien, Darcia Trembley, Tina

. Audience Choice Award (Student Dance Team) – chosen by the audience as their favorite:
Frightening Frosh – captained by Jessica Bermudez and Caleb Clark
Nicole Bonacorso, Micayla Cameron, Lydia Capillo, Matt Crowley, Hunter DeGeorge,
Caroline Folsom, Tara Gallagher, Kirby Glynn, Will Hunter, Sam Lockhart, Megan Low, Wes
MacMillan, Nathan Pederson, Emme Reppas, Eliza Sampson, Jack Wilmot, Isabella Young

Special Recognition to our Specialty Dancers who appeared in two adult numbers:
Orla Gauvain, Sophie Lane, Julia Lucey, Analisa Palla, Ana Rusha.